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We innovate & develop novel, high-performance, energy-conserving aerogel products, for the first time making them affordable & accessible to a diverse set of applications

Next-Gen Aerogel Fabrication Technology


Aerogel Solutions Platform, Integrating Research & Engineering

The world's most insulating material now made: Accessible Affordable  Water Resistant Fire Retardant Eco Friendly


Aerogel Solutions Platform —  Integrating Research & Engineering

Novel Chemistry

Best-in-Class Properties

Fastest production time 3X speed

Lowest energy consumption, sustainable

Capability to produce in versatile forms




About Us

KrossLinker is a venture capital backed, advanced material start-up based in Singapore founded by a team of scientists. We develop a class of thin, lightweight Silica Aerogel Composites with industry leading thermal insulation performance. For the first time, with our disruptive patented platform technology for fabrication & formulation, we have addressed several challenges that have thwarted traditional Aerogels from broader adoption, such as brittleness, dustiness, high-cost and limited production scalability. Our aim is to make this premium material affordable and accessible across all mainstream insulation markets.

The Founders

Elmira Sogharti, PhD
Co-founder & CTO
Gayathri Natarajan, PhD
Co-founder & CEO
Mahesh Sachithanandam, PhD
Co-Founder & Director, Engineering & Innovation

Life at KrossLinker

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